As the countdown clock above shows, it won't be long until Georgia voters have the chance to vote Governor Nathan Deal out of office. Deal has been under an ethical cloud since before he was elected governor. Now Deal's actions are costing taxpayers more than $700,000 — money that a jury awarded to the former state ethics commission director because she was forced out of her job as retribution for investigating the Governor's 2010 campaign.

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Dear Governor Deal,

It's time to restore honest government to Georgia and end the abuse of power that is costing our state taxpayer dollars.

Georgia needs an independent ethics commission that can do its job without the fear of retribution. I strongly encourage you to create an independent ethics commission that is free to do its job without fear of politically-motivated retaliation and interference from elected officials.

Your office's interference with the state ethics commission and retaliation against Stacey Kalberman is now costing Georgia taxpayers more than $700,000. It is just plain wrong for taxpayers to pay for your misconduct, and I demand that you hold yourself accountable and have your campaign pay the jury award. Our tax dollars should be used to hire teachers, improve infrastructure and spur innovation for Georgia's economy.


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